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1. Compatibility Related
1. What languages/compilers EXECryptor is available for? Are there samples?

EXECryptor can be used to protect any 32-bit application except programs containing interpreted code (p-code, .net etc).
2. Can EXECryptor be used for protect .NET applications?

No EXECryptor can’t protect .NET applications because they their code is interpreted differently than other applications. To protect .NET applications we recommend Spices.Obfuscator.
3. What operating systems does EXECryptor run on?

EXECryptor runs on all operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows XP. In addition EXECryptor is compatible with 64-bit Windows versions.

2. Order/Upgrade Question
1. How do I get updates to EXECryptor ? Are they free?

The EXECryptor license cost includes unlimited technical support, updates and upgrades during the first year. Once this period expires you can extend your subscription for a nominal fee. The extension cost depends on the type of license purchased and is usually about 20% of the total license cost.

This policy of fee-paid support and updates is due to constant progress and appearance of new technologies in the software cracking and reverse engineering area. We are always improving our software protection system to prevent the newest crackers’ issues and to stay ahead.

2. What's the difference between EXECryptor Standard and Professional edition?

Professional version supports serial number generation and one-touch trial features.
3. What is Membership?

Having purchased and registered one of our products and bought/received Product Maintenance you’re welcome to become our member and get the access to our web site Member’s Area. To become a member you have to activate your product registration at our web-site by entering your product registration name and serial number.

4. Can we protect an unlimited number of programs without further costs?

Yes. Having purchased EXECryptor license you can protect an unlimited number of different applications royalty-free.
5. How do I return EXECryptor for a refund if it doesn't suit my needs?

Unfortunately, EXECryptor cannot be returned for a refund. Once you have received the paid version it is not possible to verify that you will not use it. Therefore, your payment cannot be refunded. You are encouraged to download and try out the trial version prior to purchasing EXECryptor.
6. We are a software reseller company. Do you have special reseller prices?

Yes, we offer resellers and distributors special prices with flexible reseller discounts. To find out more details please click here.
7. I'm a new comer. Can I register on your web-site and/or subscribe to your newsletter?

Yes. You are welcome to register at our web-site. Go to our login page and enter your valid e-mail address. Your password will be sent to you by e-mail. Then you can log in as a Registered Visitor that you gives access to our General forum. If you would like to subscribe to our news please enter your e-mail address in the respective field and click on ’Subscribe’. You’ll receive our General newsletter.
To get access to our web site Members’ area, private forums and special members’ newsletter you have to be the registered user of our products and activate your Membership account.
8. After my HD reformatting I’ve lost my copy serial number. What have I do?

If you have lost your EXECryptor copy serial number please enter your email address on which it was registered. It will be retrieved and sent to you. Click here to proceed.
9. I have change my e-mail address on which my copy was registered. Can I restore my registration details anyway?

If you have changed your e-mail address after your EXECryptor copy registration please contact us.


3. Feature Related
1. Can someone use hard drive imaging techniques to copy software protected by EXECryptor to more than one computer?

2. Does EXECryptor support temporary registration such as for an Application Rental or Application Subscription?

EXECryptor supports generation of time limited serial numbers.
3. How sensitive is the Machine ID to hardware changes? If a user adds memory or changes his sound or video card will the Registration ID still work?

You can manipulate Hardware ID generation. It is possible to choose hard disk, motherboard or CPU locking in any combination. If the memory size or video card is changed the hardware ID remains the same.
4. Is it possible to allow multiple applications to use EXECryptor on a single machine?

5. Is there a way to use EXECryptor to unlock different levels of a product. Ex. I have a product with different editions (bronze, silver, gold). Can I use it to unlock certain features?

Serial numbers can contain an additional info on which program features should be available.
6. Can we automate the protection process for a group of applications?

EXECryptor supports work with command line. Thus you can completely automate the protection of your product.
7. I want to display my own evaluation dialog instead of default one. Is this possible?

Yes. Working in manual protection mode you can create your own evaluation dialog. EXECryptor provides full featured API for essential protection mechanisms for your application.
8. What files need to be distributed with EXECryptor?

You need no additional files.
9. How long are serial numbers?

EXECryptor allows the use of ultra-short serial numbers(12 - 16 symbols). Despite toothier small size, serial number algorithms are cryptographically strong and make it impossible for crackers to create a keygen.
10. What's the difference between "polymoph" and "metamorph" code protection?

EXECryptor don’t have polymorph engine because in polymorph case protected code decrypted before execution. In vers 2.x we use metamorph concept - code transformation. i.e. we ALWAYS have code in protected form with destroyed logical structure.
11. Can EXECryptor be set up to generate Registration IDs from an ASP enabled web site and deliver them in a web page or email?

EXECryptor contains external key generator with samples of its use with ASP. You can activate the serial generator from any application that supports OLE automation. In addition we provide free hosting for serial numbers generation.

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