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HardKey License Manager is easy and robust software license management system. The encryption engine allows the creation and verification of short serial numbers (15-25 characters) while preserving a high level of security. HardKey License Manager provides application developers, vendors and distributors with flexible and easy-to-use registration, licensing and protection for their software products.

HardKey License Manager will help you to secure your intellectual property and increase your revenues.

Key features:

Cryptographically strong system
Providing public key cryptography HardKey License Manager keeps the private key secret while the public key may be widely distributed. In a sense, one key "locks" a lock; while the other is required to unlock it. So it is impossible to deduce the private key of a pair given the public key.
Serial number verification module integrated in source code available for various programming languages includes C/C++ and Delphi. HardKey License Manager does not require additional files or libraries to be integrated.
Full featured serial number support
Serial numbers can include encrypted Hardware ID and Expiration Date information. HardKey License Manager allows the generation of temporary serial numbers and/or serials valid for a certain number of computers. You can also generate different serial numbers for single Registration name. This feature can be used for delivering many licenses to a single customer. Furthermore HardKey License Manager supports a black list (stolen keys) database.
External serial number generation
This feature allows you to generate the serial numbers for your program from all applications that supports OLE automation and from ASP web pages. You can find various examples of this feature included in the program. HardKey License Manager is a one-click solution for integration with popular software registrars (like ShareIt and RegNow). It automatically selects order notifications from a registration provider, adds new user to the database, generates and sends serial numbers to the recipient while using your custom template.
Compatible with our EXECryptor software protection
HardKey License Manager can be used in combination with the EXECryptor code protection system. It allows you to protect your software from not only keygen creation but also against reversing and modifications of application binary code. SDK's and samples are available.
Multiple programming language compatibility
HardKey License Manager provides you with SDK's available for Delphi, C++Builder, Microsoft Visual C++, Wise, InstallShield, GInstall, IIS, EXECryptor.
Royalty-free distribution
With HardKey License Manager you can protect, license and distribute an unlimited number of applications and software products.

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