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EXECryptor 2.4.1 available for registered users. 10 Oct 2007

This version have Vista compatible GUI and defeat some latest research in EXECryptor reversing.

EXECryptor 2.4 beta available for registered users. 7 Nov 2006

EXECryptor 2.4 is nearing completion, and we’re now able to open the beta testing process to any registered owner of EXECryptor. This version have many internal improvements, more secure and Windows Vista compatible!

EXECryptor 2.3.9 [download] 20 Mar 2006

improved: VS2005 compatible (case dynamic import off)

EXECryptor 2.3.8 16 Mar 2006

improved: VS2005 compatible
bugfix: VisualC application can’t run if code compression is off
bugfix: possible false debugger detection with code 305

EXECryptor 2.3.7 28 Feb 2006

bugfix: can’t register ActiveX after protection
bugfix: antidebug crash on Windows 9x

EXECryptor 2.3.6 21 Feb 2006

bugfix: EXECryptor crash or create invalid PE while protecting dll

EXECryptor 2.3.5 19 Feb 2006

bugfix: EXECryptor crash on Windows 2003
bugfix: antidebug crash on Windows 2003

EXECryptor 2.3.4 16 Feb 2006

• bugfix: unregistered version crash
• bugfix: code transformation produces unsafe code
• fixed problem with "suspicious" false positive detection

EXECryptor 2.3.3 15 Feb 2006

• fixed problem with ClamAV false positive detection.

StrongBit and 9Rays Partner In The War Against Software Piracy 15 Feb 2006

Representatives from 9Rays.Net Inc and StrongBit Technology today announced an exciting partnership in creating a flexible, multi-layer, universal software copy protection and licensing system. More...

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