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8/07/2004 The company SoftComplete Development launched the new revolutionary release of software code protection tool. This is large and important step in the software security technologies and in the struggle against software hacking, cracking and piracy.

EXECryptor - is a powerful tool used for an application code protection from reverse engineering, analysis and modifications, based on a brand new metamorphing code tranformation technology, that allows to significantly increase software security. With EXECryptor the code block to protect is disassembling and becomes a subject of nondeterminate transformations, which destroys the visible logical code structure. After the code transformation it remains executable and working as it is supposed to but its size will increase by a couple of dozens times, thus it becomes a really paintfull to analyze transformed code. There is no concept of the code decryption with EXECryptor unlike the others. Protected code blocks are always in the executable state and they are executed as a transformed code. Code restoration becomes an NP-hard problem.

EXECryptor has the innovative very powerful antidebug, antitrace and import protection features. EXECryptor allows to work with the short registration keys of 12/16 characters long. It is based on new generation of HardKey algorithm - cryptographically strong ultrashort digital signature. In addition to advanced protection features EXECryptor allows to compress code and resources of your application. All these new advanced function based on the innovative, never used technology will allow you to surely protect your projects from piracy and to significantly raise your revenues from your software products !


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