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WebMoney protect software from illegal use

The WebMoney Transfer system has declared about start of work of the new service The Software Activation Service, that helps the software developers who use such protection systems as HardKey System and ASProtect, to establish ( install,mount ) and control automatically the possible number of registration codes activations of extended programs. The developer may only have the properties in WebMoney Transfer system and pass by a free regisration at service site. Then he can manage his program products sells, by tuning up their activation policy,
i.e. showing how often user will be let to use registration code obtained at purchase order.

In-process of activation the service gets the special code containing the unique for each computer information, programs and WM- identifier.
Consequently the gemination of activation code at the other computer doesn`t allow to start a nonlicence program copy. Additionally the service displays as a decision situation in system reset or netcard replacement, that brings to HardwareID replacement (computer identifier) in case of protection formation by standard methods.

The global transfer system of WebMoney Transfer interests has worked sinse November, 1998. Using system every person can immediately fulfil the clearing transaction with help of WebMoney unit. For discussing of the possible deal conditions there is a protection system of message changing. Today WebMoney counts more then 430000 members. Among them there are internet-providers, online-shops,online-services, mass media, exchanges, Clearing House Association, etc.


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