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Question about serial numbers and registration names
zeshan 24 Nov 2006 10:28:41
First, thank you for previous answers.
I have recommended to our department and I think they will buy it soon.

I have one more question:
Actually, I have written a library and embedded it into our software to retrieve users’ information. But we have no time to make development on anti-reverse engineering.
We wish to trace all users (i.e., get their Disk volume ID, CPU ID and BIOS info) who are using our software, and to create the user’s serial number and registration name automatically.
Can EXEcryptor do that?

StrongBit Team 24 Nov 2006 10:36:56


yes, you can automate serial number creating process. EXECryptor gives an external serial number generator (eckeygen.dll). You can create serial generating tool and provide access to it for your users, or use online-solution and create online key generator, that can be accessed by url. You can find examples web keygen in EXECryptor\Example\IIS folder.

Oscar 10 Apr 2007 5:33:45

Can you explain something else about online key generator?

Jan van der Peet 7 Dec 2007 9:14:34

Is protection via One-touch trial a full-fledged protection, so that no other actions are necessary?

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